Cultural Events

For yet another year, the Festival Astypalaias "Maxoulia 2012" gives an indication of the involvement of the Cultural Association of Astypalaia..

The Culture of Astypalaia gives this summer the present, through a series of events included in the festival Astypalaia. For the twelfth consecutive year, the beautiful island of the Dodecanese hosts cultural events targeting to the permanent residents and to the summer visitors of the island that have been embraced with great fervor the Festival.

The artistic direction belongs to the renowned composer Giorgos Andreou, while the last summer an active participant and Cultural Association Astypalaias with the "Maxoulia" of a series of activities that include theater, music and visual arts, all built on the idea of self-organization, volunteering and Aid amateur and youth initiatives.

The festival is held under the auspices of the Municipality Astypalaias.

Note from the volunteer artistic director of the Astypalaias Festival , Giorgos Andreou:

"In Astypalea continue the effort. Twelve years on an island in the middle of the Aegean, we honor the culture of good Greek Song and participate in the nationwide cultural map with Astypalaias Festival, an institution with nationwide recognition and acceptance. From the summer of 2011, supporter and collaborator is our Cultural Association Astypalaias with "Maxoulia" of a series of activities that include theater, music and visual arts, all built on the idea of self-organization, volunteerism and support of amateur and youth initiatives. The effort continues and this year (2013) with excellent results - the visitor Astypalaias has to choose from a series of concerts, theatrical performances and artistic events, so with the holidays to sing, be moved to reflect. It is worth mentioning that this year's celebration of the cultural events in Astypalea is dedicated to the memory of the late Mayor Tassos Aliferis Tilos, an important man of local government in the Dodecanese, with important and diverse work and many valuable initiatives in the field of Culture. "

Visual Arts

Every summer in the beautiful square of the Windmills is organized:

  • Book Fair
  • Handmade Jewelery exhibition
  • Painting exhibition
  • Photo-Gallery exhibition

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